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Pelerins is a new wave / disco act from Istanbul, Turkey and started as an intercontinental project between Eren Akkan & Omer Yazici. The duo soon turned threesome when the hooked up with brilliant soul singer, Orkun Tiryakioğlu to complete the lineup.

French electronic influences led them to choose a slightly modified version of 'les pèlerins' for their name, which also corresponds to the phrase used by Turkish guys who grew up in the 80's to address each other as 'pilgrims', meaning 'dudes'.

Pelerins produce a blend of various genres including funk, soul, disco, nu-disco, synth driven pop and even heavy metal.

Prior to signing with Planet Acetate Records, they've released on labels such as Nu Indee, Springbok Records and DMC.

Debut EP "Feeling" Released July 1st 2013